Quality handmade herbal soaps and bath fizzers

Once upon a time, there was soap. Plain soap. Functional soap. Boring soap.

Then came The Hidden Herbalist Soap!

Here at The Hidden Herbalist we have tried to understand specialist herbal soaps on different levels. A fragrance can remind you of that special person, time or place in your life. We only provide quality handmade herbal soaps, they will add to the décor of your bathroom. Our customers buy our handmade herbal soaps as that small, special gift for their child, their mum, their mother-in-law or their son’s girlfriend. If you are looking for specialist herbal treatment soaps, we can provide them. If you want to indulge in some childhood magic memories, we have fragrances that can do that as well, and some of our clients just want soap to wash with!

As we put a bit of ourselves into every herbal soap we make, we want you to feel special when you use it. Most of all we want you to use it with enjoyment. We always use highest quality ingredients, tinctures, essential oils and fixed oils. We use no animal products in our soaps. We are very careful when using dyes and essential oils as these can be very powerful if used incorrectly.

Herbal Soap can be an adventure, and we want you to journey with us …

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