Alice in Wonderland

These are handmade bath size bars of soap (90g) from The Hidden Herbalist range.

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They all feature Alice in Wonderland characters and are available in the following:

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat 2
Cheshire Cat Ginger and Orange Opaque
CHESHIRE CAT (GINGER AND ORANGE): Contains orange floral water and orange essential oil. The cat has been done in ginger as the original Tenniel cat was a ginger cat and not a pink cat (the Disney version).
It is a small treat (perfect for summer) and is ideal as a gift.Available in opaque and clear for £4.50 each.

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts 2

alice in wonderland red queen opaque in black
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THE RED QUEEN (QUEEN OF HUNGARY): Contains Queen of Hungary water AND rosemary essential oil. Hungarian water dates from the 15th century and is a blend of rosemary, lavender, rose, orange flower and lemon balm.Available in opaque and clear for £4.50 each. Clear

Alice in Wonderland Bluebell ALICE: (BLUEBELL) Contains bluebell fragrance oil. Bluebell is a different and unusual alternative to the more common fragrances and was chosen because Alice always wore a blue dress.Available in clear for £4.50 each. Clear
Alice in Wonderland Poppy Pillar THE CATERPILLAR: (CALIFORNIAN POPPY) The caterpillar is smoking a hookah and so is done in poppy, a light compelling fragrance that lasts.Available in clear for £4.50 each. Clear
Alice White Rabbit Rose Clear

Alice in Wonderland Hare

THE WHITE RABBIT: (WHITE ROSE) white rose is a musky fragrance with a hint of coconut to it. A gentle, all-round fragrance that suits most people young or old.Available in opaque and clear for £4.50 each. Clear

Alice in Wonderland Hatter THE MAD HATTER: (TEA TREE) A clean smelling, popular fragrance which goes with the theme of a “tea party”.Available in clear for £4.50 each. Clear

ALL THESE SOAPS are made by a qualified Medical Herbalist. They are safe for use by both children and adults. The soaps are not high lather. They can be used on the face. The amount of essential oil is within the safe dosage to be added to a soap and the soap base is high quality (SLS free). They come cellophane wrapped and the ingredients are fully itemised with the soap.